Enjoying The Moving Process

  • Simple Tips For Extended Furniture Storage

    27 March 2020

    Moving your furniture into a storage facility is a smart solution if you need to store it for an extended time. Purchasing new furniture can run into a big expense, so it's important that you prepare and store it properly. Follow these simple tips to ensure your furniture remains free of damage while inside the storage unit. Clean and Vacuum the Furniture  Prepping your furniture for extended storage is a step that you should not dismiss or rush.

  • 3 Tips For Driving Your Own Moving Truck

    26 November 2019

    Planning an upcoming move on your own, but the idea of driving that very large moving truck is making you nervous? If so, it will help to know the following tips so that you can get your belongings to your destination. Learn The Blind Spots Driving a large moving truck is going to have a bit of a learning curve to do it right. That's why you want to take some time to learn where your blind spots are.

  • Top 2 Reasons To Rent A Self-Storage Unit All Year Round

    13 July 2019

    A self-storage unit is an enclosed area of space you can rent for a month or for years, and you are free to use this space any way you would like. The space is private, which means only you have access to it, and there are many reasons people choose to rent these types of units. If you feel like you do not have enough space at your home to store everything you own, renting a unit could be highly beneficial.

  • How To Determine If You Need The Assistance Of Professional Movers

    14 June 2018

    If you have a move coming up, you want to decide as early as possible if you want to use professional movers. Professional movers can make moving easier. Here are a few things to consider as you determine if you need professional movers and if so, what help you need from the movers. How Much Stuff Do You Have to Move? One of the things that you need to consider is how much stuff you have to move.

  • Keeping Things Dry In Self-Storage

    24 January 2018

    There is nothing as wrong as keeping your things in self-storage only to find them damaged by moisture when you come back for them. In some cases, you can end up blaming the storage facility while, in the real sense, your actions (or lack of actions) contributed to the damage. The next time you are taking things to a self-storage unit, take these measures to prevent moisture damage: Clean the Items Before Storage

  • Tips For Starting A Home-Based Interior Design Business

    24 June 2017

    Starting your own interior design firm can be accomplished without bankrupting your bank account. You do not have to rent out an office space to get started. You can work from home. To help you get started with your new business, here are a few tips to use.   Rent a Storage Unit  One of the problems you can run into with operating an interior design business from your home is the need for space.

  • Moving Down Under: A Hunter's Guide To Transporting Supplies To Australia

    24 February 2016

    Making an international move requires a lot more planning and work than a traditional move in the United States. If you're an avid hunter that's moving to Australia, then you likely want to bring some supplies with you to explore the hunting world of Australia. In the country it is common to hunt rabbit, hare, deer, and wild dogs like dingoes. When working with professional international movers, the hunting supplies that you are allowed to bring may be limited from your complete collection.