Enjoying The Moving Process

Tips For Working With Residential Movers

by Ava Sanders

If you want a successful move, it's crucial you work harmoniously with the moving company. You don't want to meddle with the affairs of your moving company as it can impede their job. That said, you need to know how you can assist or make the work of your residential movers easy. These tips should help you get along with movers

Keep Pets and Kids Out of the Way

Most moving companies operate on a tight schedule. As such, ensure their work goes smoothly by keeping your kids and pets out of their way. If possible, send them to your neighbor's or friend's house until the movers are done loading your items into the truck. Keeping your kids far from the house is the best way to protect them. Remember that your kids and pets can get hurt as the movers work.

Have Everything Packed

Most people who choose to do their own packing don't do it on time. Even if they manage to pack on time, they aren't good at it. Unless you know how to pack efficiently, you should just hire a packing service. You could also ask your moving company to do the packing at a reasonable price. If that's difficult, just have everything packed before the moving day arrives. At least the movers won't have to wait outside waiting for you to finish the packing.

Allow Them to Do Their Job

If you hire full-service residential movers, you shouldn't interfere with their work. You might be impeding their work as much as you want to help load or unload items from the truck. Some movers might feel like you are micromanaging them if you try to help. Most movers are more than happy to do their jobs without your assistance. Unless they ask you to help, watch from a distance.

Carry Your Important Items With You

If you have any valuables, cash, prescription, or jewelry, you must keep them safe. These things shouldn't mix up with the other boxes. You should put them away in your personal bag or somewhere safe. Movers don't like to deal with valuables as they wouldn't want to be accused of misplacing them.

Other tips you should consider are:

  • Clear the paths
  • Be present during the move
  • Label all the boxes 
  • Have the payment ready
  • Feel free to tip the movers

If you follow the tips discussed, you'll have no issues with your moving company. Moreover, your move will go as planned.