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How Do Professionals Protect Pianos During A Move?

by Ava Sanders

If you are about to move and bring your piano along, you've probably been advised to let professionals move it. After all, pianos are heavy and awkwardly shaped, and moving one through your doorway, into a moving truck, and then into a whole new home is a big undertaking. But this is not the only reason to rely on pros to move your piano. In addition to making your life easier, professional piano movers also do a better job of protecting your piano. Here's how they do that.

1. Keeping the Piano Level

As strange as it might sound, tipping the piano too far to one side or the other can cause damage. This could cause some of the elements inside to stretch or bend in undesired ways, taking the piano out of tune. Professional movers are strong enough and have the right equipment to keep a piano upright while carrying it out of the home and also during transportation. This will help prevent damage to the piano.

2. Wrapping the Piano

The finish on pianos — even high-end ones — can be pretty delicate. All it takes is a little bump against a stool to knock some of the finish off. Moving straps can wear the finish off, too. Professional piano movers have the supplies on hand to wrap the piano and protect it. They will use special blankets that are soft and padded on the inside but tough on the outside so that if the piano does brush up against something, damage won't occur.

3. Effective Strapping

A piano needs to be strapped down in the moving truck so that it does not slide around and damage itself and other items. This needs to be done carefully, however, to avoid damaging the finish. Professional piano movers know just how to strap various types of pianos to secure them.

4. Tuning

Many, although not all, piano moving services also employ piano tuners. When they get the piano into its new home, they can tune it up for you, which it will need after being moved and bumped around in a moving truck. Playing an out-of-tune piano too long can damage it and make it harder to bring back into tune, so it's really nice to have the tuning done immediately after a move.

Always hire professionals to handle your piano moving needs. They'll take all of the actions above to protect your favorite instrument.

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