Enjoying The Moving Process

Moving Large And Heavy Furniture The Professional Way

by Ava Sanders

Moving day can be very overwhelming when you try doing it all by yourself. An overstuffed couch, for instance, may be perfect for a movie night, but it will undoubtedly make moving day more challenging. If you hire professional furniture movers, and you can rest easy regardless of the size of your furniture.

With expert furniture movers, you can rest easy knowing that your furniture will be moved safely. Here are the most commonly used techniques.

1. Disassembly

Professional furniture removers have the tools and skills to disassemble your furniture carefully. Smaller pieces of your furniture will easily move through your door, and you can re-assemble the furniture at the new location. Dismantling can be partial, such as taking off the legs of your chair, or a full disassembling where the movers take apart the whole thing.

Professionals are always careful to follow the manufacturer's manual for disassembly and assembly. Experts will also ensure they keep the screws, bolt nuts, and other furniture connectors in one bag, so they don't easily get lost.

2. Take the Door off the Hinges

This is certainly a technique that may work, especially if you have big furniture that you can't disassemble. Indeed, the seemingly small space created from taking the door off its hinges can make a huge difference when getting bigger furniture out of your home or office space. 

The furniture movers will more than likely need to wiggle the furniture out. They will also likely wrap the furniture in a heavy-duty moving blanket to protect the furniture from scratches, dents, and other types of damage during the squeeze. 

3. Alternative Route

Done properly by expert furniture movers, moving heavy furniture items through a window or the balcony is always an option worth exploring. Just as with the door, the movers will prepare the furniture for moving by removing cushions and pillows. Removing the detachable parts or otherwise disassembling the furniture is part of the preparation process. 

After wrapping the furniture in a protective covering, the furniture movers will skillfully lower the furniture down. This process requires a lot of skills and attention, which is why you cannot afford to have anyone but the pros move your furniture out through a window or balcony.

4. Measure and Compare

For professional furniture movers, the selection of one technique over the other is not an arbitrary one. Experts will measure the dimensions of your furniture pieces and compare them against those of your doorway and stairway. This comparison will inform the best way to go about moving your large and heavier furniture pieces.

For more information, contact a furniture moving service in your area.