Enjoying The Moving Process

Four Common Reasons People Decide To Rent A Self-Storage Unit

by Ava Sanders

People decide to rent self-storage units for a variety of reasons and not only because they have accumulated too many possessions over the years. Sometimes lifestyle changes result in the need to rent storage. Some of these changes are positive ones. Other situations feel distinctly negative, at least temporarily. The circumstances all mean a new lack of space for everything the person owns.

Moving to a Different Region

When moving from one area to another, people might be unable to rent an apartment or buy a home until after settling in for a bit. The new location could be far from their previous home. This can happen when someone is offered a new job and has to start within two or three weeks.

The person transports the possessions in a moving truck or hires a mover, but everything must go in storage for now. Until a new residence is found, this individual might stay in a hotel, an extended-stay suite, or temporarily in a furnished studio apartment.

Getting Divorced

The need for temporary storage could be necessary for at least one member of a divorcing couple since at least one person has to move out. This individual might live in a smaller place for a while because a larger one is not affordable yet. After a divorce, many people need time to get back on their feet financially.

Moving in Together

A happier situation can still lead to a lack of space. A couple who begins a domestic partnership or gets married may have lived alone for many years. Both individuals may have accumulated belongings that fit very well in their own apartments or houses. Especially if they will live in a home one of them already resides in, decisions must be made about all the duplicate types of possessions. 

Losing One's Home

Financial struggles can cause a person to keep paying the rent late or miss mortgage payments. If this goes on long enough, eviction or foreclosure could be the result. Because of their money situation, they might work out an arrangement to live temporarily with friends or relatives. Another option could be to rent a small, inexpensive apartment. Renting storage lets them keep their belongings.

For all these people, being able to rent a self-storage unit is a welcome option. They don't have to sell or give away anything. Eventually, they'll move to a bigger place or figure out which belongings are OK to let go. Storing everything for now gives them the time they need.

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