Enjoying The Moving Process

3 Ways to Make Your Cross Country Move with Your Dog Less Stressful

by Ava Sanders

Moving is stressful for everyone in the household, including the family dog. Dogs tend to absorb any feelings of stress and anxiety around them, so he'll join in with all of the anticipations you are feeling yourself. And dogs really start to feel the pressure when their environment changes—after all, they can't understand the move and what it all means like you can. The stress of moving can trigger bathroom accidents indoors, excessive barking or howling, a loss of appetite, and even destructive mannerism.

So it's important to take steps that decrease stress levels while you're dog is around. Here are a few other things you can do to make your cross country move with Fido less stressful overall:

Invest in a Collapsible Kennel

A great way to make sure that your furry family member is safe around the commotion of moving is to invest in a collapsible kennel. These kennels are made of sturdy yet light aluminum and fold into a flat base that can be stored under your couch or in a closet when not in use. When it's time to pack up boxes or move furniture you can pull the kennel out, fill it with a blanket and toys, then let your pooch hang out in safety where he can't run out the door, get stepped on, or create havoc by knocking stuff over.

Secure a Safe Room in the Home

In addition to having a collapsible kennel handy, it's important to reserve a room in your home to be used as a "safe room' where all of your dog's belongings can be kept during the weeks leading up to your move. If you have a walk-in closet in your bedroom, consider cleaning it out and packing what you can early so you can turn the space into a safe room. Otherwise, you can use a spare bedroom or any other space that won't be needed much by your family as you prepare for your move.

While big items are being moved from room to room, boxes are being taken out to the garage, or any other large project goes on, put your dog in his safe room so he can forget about the commotion while relaxing with his familiar belongings. This is an excellent spot for Fido to spend time when your movers show up on moving day to take everything out of your home for transfer into their truck. This will ensure that you won't have to worry about the dog dealing with strangers or running away due to fear.

Consider a Safe Flight for Fido

If your family plans to drive to your new home across the country, consider sending your dog through the air to meet you there. This will minimize stress due to travel time, and ensure that they'll be settled into their new space the same day that they leave familiar things behind. One member of the family can fly with your dog to make drop-off and pick-up at the airports easy, or a loved one can care for the dog until it's time to drop him off at the airport the day you'll be arriving in your new town so you can pick him up. Many awesome pet flight programs are available through commercial airlines that offer personalized attention, climate controlled travel spaces, and even walk and snack breaks if layovers are part of the travel plan.

These tips and tricks should take some of the pressure off of your move overall, and provide your pooch with some peace of mind so they're able to get back to their "old self" quickly once you're settled in your new home. For more tips, contact companies like Wheaton World Wide Moving.