Enjoying The Moving Process

Getting Ready To Face The Monster Of Moving: 5 Ways To Make The Job Easier On Yourself

by Ava Sanders

Moving can be a monster, but it's an unavoidable part of life. Before you tackle the job, check out the following five ways in which you can lighten the load you're about to bear:

1. Set Up A Moving Fund

If you're moving a considerable distance from your present home, the eventual cost of moving everything will probably shock you. Even if you're only moving a few blocks away, there are so many surprises to moving, it will really help if you have extra cash set aside.

For long distance moves, calculate the expenses and save all receipts, as you can qualify for a big break on your taxes. In addition to movers, transportation and shipping costs, add meals on the go, cleaning supplies and miscellaneous expenses to your fund.

Locally, you may find it helpful to have extra cash on hand to offer friends or neighbors who lend a hand. Also, since you'll likely be tired around moving out and moving in days, plan on take-out food and paper plates and napkins.

2. Hire A Babysitter

Especially if you have children under 10, moving is more of a hassle with them (even when they're on their best behavior) and it can actually be hazardous. Having someone to watch them, preferably off-site from the homes you're moving away from and to, saves on stress and time.

3. Rent A Sizable Moving Vehicle

Most people try to economize when moving, and that's only natural, considering how expensive it is. However, since having a large truck or van to fill will save on the number of trips you need to take to move everything, look at it as an investment.

For example, if you have four rooms to move, rent a vehicle built to handle five. You'll have the needed space for boxes and odds and ends and more space within the cab to maneuver, rearrange and finagle.

4. Organize Moving Supplies Before Packing

Don't pack a single box until you're really ready to start moving. It's a long and arduous process and you'll make it a lot easier on yourself if you're fully prepared. Make a list similar to the following two weeks ahead of the move:

  •  disposable cardboard boxes
  •  reusable plastic boxes (preferably clear to find things quickly)
  •  packing tape rolls and dispenser (sized to cover all boxes)
  •  twine or rope
  •  old blankets, sheets and towels to protect furniture and breakables
  •  box cutters
  •  bubble wrap
  •  markers
  •  straps
  •  dollies
  •  an itinerary for packing, storage, transportation, etc. including dates and phone numbers

Your list may vary, but should include these basics. If you start packing before you're really ready, you will find yourself ad-libbing in ways that could come back to haunt you, such as broken items or boxes coming undone en route. Being thoroughly organized will also take away a lot of the chaos involved in moving. You owe it to yourself to be as ready as possible, long before you embark.

5. Eat The Cupboards And Fridge Bare

A common dilemma movers face is whether or not to pack up food items. You don't want to throw too much away, but you want to reduce the number of heavy boxes you have to transfer. To solve this problem, stop your food shopping, with the exception of fresh or perishable items (milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables), a full month prior to moving. You're better off running out of ketchup, olive oil, sugar, flour and so on, than you are having to haul such things; they're heavy and could open and spill within the boxes you pack them in. Try to keep a running list of the things you will need as soon as you set up in the new house and consider donating food you don't plan on packing.

Once you're finally in the new home and all your belongings are accounted for, take a little "me time". If you can afford it, a day off from work or deep tissue massage is in order! Otherwise, try and relax as you unpack and settle in and make more time to care for yourself - you've certainly earned it.

For additional info on making your move as painless and efficient as possible, consider talking to your movers.