Enjoying The Moving Process

Staying Dolled-Up: 5 Tips For Packing Makeup When Moving

by Ava Sanders

With the total revenue of the cosmetic industry steadily rising year by year and estimated to reach $62.46 billion by 2016, it's not an understatement to say makeup is a huge part of the American lifestyle. When moving homes, it's important to start packing early if you have a fairly large makeup collection to ensure everything is properly packed and protected. Here are 5 tips to implement.

Protect Powdered Makeup from Breaking

All makeup lovers and hoarders know just how fragile powdered makeup, like eye shadows, bronzers and foundation, can be. One fall or one wrong bump can cause all of the powder to break and crumble. To prevent this from happening, wrap all powdered makeup in bubble wrap to lessen the effects of any impact. Another trick is to place a layer of tissue paper and cotton balls within the makeup compact case. This cotton balls or pads will act as a cushion.

Keep Lotions and Liquids Separate

You want to keep lotions and liquids separately from one another, and in their own sealed container. The reason being you don't want the lotions and the liquids to spill over and spoil or damage other makeup in the event they leak during the move. If you have to keep some of the lotions and liquids in the same container or box as other makeup, the least you can do is to toss the lotions and liquids in a sealable plastic bag.

Toss Out Junk or Makeup Reaching Its Expiration Date

When moving to a new home, take that as a sign for a new start, and toss out any makeup you haven't touched in years or makeup reaching its expiration date. It's time to buy new products. Mascaras and liquid eyeliners only have a shelf life of approximately 3 to 4 months while lip glosses and lipsticks have a shelf life of 6 months to a year.

It's important to regularly throw out old makeup because these products do begin to harbor bacteria with time. You don't want to run the risk of transferring the bacteria from the product onto your skin.

Store Makeup Brushes Properly

Makeup brushes are particularly vulnerable during a move. It's easy for the bristles to end up crushed or frayed if they are not packed properly or securely. Store all makeup brushes in a clean, dry and protected container after you have cleaned them. Never store the brushes when they are still wet, as this makes the bristles even more vulnerable to being damaged. Store the brushes in brush roll carriers or sealed plastic containers.

To further protect the bristles, you can wrap them with bubble wrap or just a piece of paper. This will prevent the bristles from fraying or coming apart.

Keep Daily Necessities in a Travel Makeup Bag

Moving is a hassle. Chances are you'll need several days to unpack everything. If putting on makeup is something you do daily, keep daily necessities, like your favorite eyeliner and mascara, in a travel makeup bag – separate from everything else. Any other makeup you don't use regularly should be packed and labeled. You can even keep some of the makeup in any makeup drawers you plan on bringing with you to your new home. Make sure to fill up any gaps or free space with bubble wrap or other types of padding, like Styrofoam peanuts.


If you have a huge makeup collection, you'll want to start packing early because it can take quite some time to properly pack everything. If you know you'll be moving, you should start saving up boxes, newspaper, bubble wrap and other moving supplies ahead of time of your local moving company to move you out of your old place.