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2 Storage Upgrades That Are Worth Every Penny

by Ava Sanders

If you are like most people, you might feel pre-programmed to turn down all the little extras that salespeople offer. When you rent a storage unit, you might find yourself casually refusing add-ons that might drive up the price of your monthly rent. However, some products and services can dramatically improve your storage experience. Here are two self storage upgrades worth every penny and why:

1: A Better Lock

Since you brought along that lock you found in your junk drawer, you might ignore those locks for sale in your storage facility office. After all, how much different could that new padlock be from the one you already own? Believe it or not, some locks are much easier to remove than others, which is why a lock upgrade might be a good idea. Here are a few reasons you should spring for a better lock:

  • Material: That aluminum lock might look sturdy, but how will it stand up against a pair of sharp bolt cutters? As you choose a lock, pay attention to what it is made of, and look for alloys praised for their hardness. For example, Boron, which has a 9.5 rating on the Mohs hardness scale, is much stronger than Aluminum, which is only rated a 3. Consequently, a lock made from a Boron Alloy is much stronger than the cheap aluminum padlock you brought from home.  
  • Shackle Type: The harder the shackle is to access, the longer it might take a thief to cut through that handle. Look for a lock with a protected body and a covered shackle, so that nobody will have easy access to your unit.
  • Accessibility: In addition to being stronger, some locks are also easier to use than others. Look for a lock that offers easy access to the keyhole so that you aren't left fumbling with your keys.

To stay on the safe side, ask storage managers what they recommend. Since storage employees might be familiar with previous break-ins, they might be able to tell you which lock models to avoid. 

2: Storage Unit Insurance

If you have homeowner's insurance, you might not give that extra storage unit policy a second thought. Unfortunately, most homeowner's policies only provide off-premises coverage for about 10% of the total of your policy, which might leave you in a bind later. For example, if you have a $150,000 policy, your plan might only cover $15,000 worth of off-site items.

Fortunately, some storage facilities offer additional storage insurance for a low price. Believe it or not, policies typically start at around $7 per month for every $1,000 worth of coverage. Here are a few things storage unit insurance typically covers:

  • Theft: Although the majority of storage facilities are safe and secure, a 2013 study found that about 8.9% of storage facilities reported some type of theft in 2012. Fortunately, having a separate storage insurance policy might protect your financial picture if some of your belongings walk away with a stranger.
  • Weather Damage: If your storage unit walls have gaps or cracks, your items might be damaged by incoming rain, dust storms, and extreme heat. However, some policies offer protection against items damaged by the elements.
  • Pest Infestations: You might not be storing food that attracts rodents or pests to your storage space, but what about your neighbors? If the people next door to your space leave behind their fast food wrappers or pantry goods, you might be left dealing with curious critters. Fortunately, some insurance policies cover damage inflicted by pest infestations, so that you don't need to worry.

By upgrading your storage unit, you might be able to protect your belongings and avoid a lot of frustration later. Check out sites like http://www.getepicstorage.com for more info.